What To Expect…

What can you expect from a Blossom Ave experience?


Your wedding day is one of the single biggest days of your life! Not only do you need to be organized, it’s also a day where you want to be as calm, relaxed and comfortable as possible….who WOULDN’T be comfortable in fifty-pounds of white tulle and painfully perfect stilettos on the hottest day in July, right? The point is that your big day is a happy, happy day, but with the happiness comes the stress of being on time, ensuring every one of your guests is enjoying themselves, all of your vendors are paid, the flowers, cake and decor are perfect. As a photographer, I can’t really help you pick your cake flavours (ok bad example…l actually I would LOVE to help you with that!) , but I can help you out with organizing your time to ensure that the day runs smoothly and we are able to capture as many of the days special moments as possible!

Every bride and groom will have two in-person consultations. The first happens at booking time. This is a chance for us to sit down and get to know each other, and for me to get the vision of your wedding and the way you see the day happening. It is also a chance to discuss your agenda for the day and for me to give you an idea of what kind of time we need to make sure you get the photos you would like.We can go over the contract, package, and any questions you have about anything!

The second consultation happens closer to the time of the wedding(about a month out, or a couple weeks). This is the chance for us to go over the final schedule to the day. This way we can all be on the same page and I will have a complete set of addresses, times, contact numbers, etc. This is also a time for us to cover any special photos you would like, special family circumstances, and any other possibly out-of-the-ordinary stuff. I like to be prepared and I like you to know that you have at least one person you don’t have to worry about!

Every wedding package includes an engagement session, so we will also get together at some point for that. And of course, I am always available for questions via email, phone or skype!

Following the wedding (and possibly the e-session depending on the package), I will let you know when your photos are ready and we will get together to choose the photos for albums, prints, etc.

By the end of your wedding, you will have seen enough of me that we feel more like old friends…maybe even FB official friends!…(or maybe you will be so sick of me you take your photos and run!…I really hope not though!:)

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I’m not sure why, but we are conditioned to think that having our photos taken is painful. Really, it’s not so bad, BUT since I know that the majority of people don’t particularly enjoy having their picture taken, it is my mission to make sure you are as prepared and comfortable as possible. When booking a session with Blossom Ave, we will sit down for a pre-session consult (we can also do this over the phone if necessary). We will discuss the vision for the session. I am happy to collaborate with you to come up with a perfect location, time of day, date, and even offer some suggestions and resources for selecting clothing and props (if necessary). It is a chance for us to get to know each other so that when you are standing knee-high in a freezing-cold river with a camera in your face, at least it is someone familiar telling you to smile!

Following the session, I will contact you when the images are ready and we will get together to select the photos for any albums, prints, etc.

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