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High Heels & Fishing Reels…{Courtney & Trevor…Hitched!}

It has been a weird winter here in Southern Ontario…when we would normally have had tons of snow with the accompanying snow days, storm warnings, road closures, etc., the majority of the winter has felt very spring-like. When I met up with Courtney a couple of weeks ago for our final consult, we joked about how un-wintery her winter wedding would be! She told me about the fur coats she and we laughed since it was about +10 degrees the night she was here! She confessed that while the warmer-than-usual temperatures were a nice change from the typical bitter cold winters we have, she sort of hoped to have at least a bit of snow for the big day!

Fast forward to early last week…the forecast called for sunshine (good!) and +8 (not so good for snow…) on Saturday. Well, as luck would have it, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter decided to team up and cooperate giving Miss Courtney and her hubby-to-be, Trevor a BEAUTIFUL, winter day complete with snow and sunshine! It was fresh, but you couldn’t have asked for a nicer winter day to be outside!

Nicole and I headed out to Courtney’s parents’ house to meet up with the girls as they prepped for the day. Let me just tell you…Courtney and Trevor are a lot of fun and when we arrived at the house that morning, the girls did not let us down! When it could have been a house of stress and nerves, there was nothing but laughing and joking!

We had an absolute blast with Courtney and Trevor and their family and friends! We would like to wish the new Mr and Mrs all the best and safe travels as they honeymoon in Honduras!! (Can I say JEALOUS!!!)

I’m a bit of a gold fish…you know…attracted to shiny things…so you can only imagine how much I LOVED Courtney’s sparkly heels!! They were only the first of THREE pairs of shoes Courtney had for the day! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and totally “her” and the flowers were a perfect finish to the outfits for the day! You can’t go wrong with crystals and feathers…just sayin…

Courtney, you gorgeous thing you!! You looked amazing darling!!

I love the next photo…at a first glance I’m sure it just looks like a boring photo of a bride pinning her dad’s bout…but LOOK at the look on his face!! If that’s not one proud papa, then I don’t know what is!!! Love!

So after we were done with the girls getting ready, we went over to meet up with Trevor and the boys. After listening to the girls recap the events from the night before, I must say we were just.a.little.bit nervous when we pulled up to the house…there were *ahem* remnants of the previous evening’s festivities on the walkway and the first couple times we knocked…no answer! Yikes! We were seriously considering calling the matron-of-honour to let her know something was up, when suddenly the door opened and we were met by the groom and his boys…fully dressed and ready to rock and roll!! Whew! Crisis averted!

After the ceremony, we headed out to the reception site for some photos. The reception was held at the lovely Craigowan and it is a stunning spot for photos…and in any season apparently! The late-afternoon sun and the sparkly snow were fantastic!!!

One of my absolute favourites of the day…Courtney is looking gorgeous and just look at that adoring groom!

These girls were a riot to hang out with!! And they all look fabulous in their dresses!

Courtney you are a stunner darling!!

I heart this image!!

Courtney was rocking the Thai boots for the snowy pics! Her toes were a little warmer than Trevor’s in his tuxedo shoes!

Look at that golden sunshine…and of course the stunning bride!:)

Courtney you are a rockstar darling! Haha

Trevor’s family is big on fishing and since Courtney is now an official member of the fam, naturally they should have matching fishing hats! Love it!!

We stepped outside with the bride and groom for a break from the party for a few minutes….I big pink puffy heart this image!! I’m sure it’s not a 100% technically correct photo, but I LOVE it!

Congratulations again guys!!


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Barnyard Buddies & Blue Rodeo…{Sara & Mike & Fam}

I’ll admit, my posting has been a little less frequent over the past few weeks, but as I’m sure everyone can agree, the holidays REALLY eat up time. On top of that, I am gearing up to head back to work and am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home (yay!), so we have been doing some renovating at the house to make sure I have a good space to work…away from everyday distractions (a.k.a. ridiculous daytime TV!)

However, contrary to what my quiet website and Facebook page might suggest, I have been snapping away and getting ready for a VERY busy 2012 wedding season!

Even though this is from a little while ago, I wanted to post some of my favourites from a family session I shot right before Christmas.

I headed out to meet up with Sara and Mike and their super cute little dude, L. We started out in the house with the Christmas tree before heading out to the barn! Mr L is a dude who knows what he wants…why on earth would he sit still and waste time taking photos when there was clearly work to be done! Haha He is a true farm kid after my own heart!

We had fun playing in the barn, petting the cows, walking in the snow and dancing to some Blue Rodeo….did I mention Mr L has got some moves??

Check out some of my favourites from our shoot!

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Evoking Beauty…Kelsey Anderson Style!…

Now that 2012 is well under way, it’s time to get back to keeping you up to date on what’s new and exciting at Blossom Ave! So here goes!

Back in November, I had the opportunity to mentor with Miss Kelsey Anderson from Las Vegas! Before you get all excited… I didn’t get to actually travel to Sin City this time, but rather mentored with her online! This was my first real encounter with Skype so it took a little getting used to, and thanks to my FANTASTIC country interweb that is supposed to be high-speed…we also had our share of little bumps with the connection, but really it was a very fun and very educational experience. I would highly recommend Kelsey as a mentor for any photographer looking for some new ideas and ways of doing things! Also, if you’re bored or in need of some photography inspiration, definitely check out Evoking You…there is fantastic photographic inspiration featured on the blog everyday.

So, to start off 2012, I thought I would share some of my favourite images from my three-week session with Kelsey! I definitely love the feel of the photos I get using some of her tips and tricks, so check them out! A very special thank you to miss Valerie who was my wonderful model for the duration…we had tons of fun and let’s just say…the camera LOVES her!! Thanks again darling!

Check out some of my favs!

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Happy New Year and welcome to the brand new Blossom Ave website and blog!!

First things first, I would like to take a second to thank ALL of my family, friends and clients that have made the birth and growth of Blossom Avenue Photography possible. I truly appreciate all of your support, encouragement, patience and of course, your kind words! I have been able to build my portfolio tremendously this past year and it is all thanks to the confidence you have put in my talents and I can’t thank you all enough!

Another huge thank you to Nicole who has been my right-hand woman all year!! Not only does she take wonderful photos as my second-shooter, but she can also pin on boutonnieres, remove grease stains from wedding dresses, fix bustles, lace dresses and round up people like a champ! Thanks darling! I would be lost without you!

2011 was a fantastic year and 2012 is shaping up to be just as awesome…and BUSY!! I have lots of weddings and am looking forward to each and every one!…You would think weddings would get monotonous after so many, but I get just as excited for the 10th as I do for the 1st! Only a few weeks until the first wedding of the year! Yay! Can’t wait Courtney!!

Amongst all of the weddings coming up, I will still be available for family and lifestyle portrait sessions, so please contact me for availability and to book your session.

With the “official” launch of Blossom Avenue Photography this year, there are some exciting new events, services and products that will be available through Blossom Ave! Stay tuned and check back regularly to find out what’s new and exciting!

That’s it for now my lovelies. I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and all the best in the new year!

Until next time.



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