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Down on the Farm…{Jessica & Matt…Married!}

I bet you are all SUPER surprised to see me post yet another farm wedding!! What can I say? I am a sucker for a good old country wedding!

Matt and Jessica’s big day was held on her mom and dad’s farm near Brampton. The farm was beautiful and there was not one spot that wasn’t looking immaculate! It was a warm day…100˚F at 11:00 am actually…there is photographic evidence…and perhaps a LITTLE on the windy side, but it was gorgeous!

Jess is a planner, so as you can imagine, everything was organized to a T…including the surprise horse and carriage transportation to the ceremony that only a VERY select group knew about! Hats off to Jess who managed to keep that one a secret until about 30 minutes before the ceremony! Even dear Matt had no idea…as far as he knew, the girls were in the house getting ready…not 3 km down the road!

The ceremony was beautiful. Jess and Matt are a pretty laid back couple and their ceremony fit them perfectly! There were a few laughs, Jess’s cousins provided the wonderful music and even though he’s a pretty tough guy, Matt teared up watching his gorgeous bride come down the aisle with her dad!

After the ceremony, we headed out for some wedding party fun. We were able to beat the heat and find some shade at a nearby greenhouse, before heading back to take advantage of the horse & carriage, tractor, gator, antique car, brand new Cadillac SUV and of course some much-deserved beverages! Dinner was awesome and the party kept going after with the DJ spinning some great tunes and a live performance by Settler’s Creek!!

I also have to give a huge shout out to “Bruce”…this guy is freaking amazing! Caterer-wedding planner-photographer’s assistant-train fluffer-drink getter-and-everything else you can think of-extraordinaire! I need my own Bruce! But seriously, he was a big help all day to myself and to everyone else! Oh yeah…and the food was delicious!!

I had a blast with Matt & Jess and all of their family and friends. I was very honoured to have been able to capture their day! Congratulations guys and enjoy the sneak peek!


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A Little Piece of Heaven…{Andrew & Christina…Married!}

Christina and Andrew’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Everything about it. The weather, the location, the decorations, bridesmaids and groomsmen, the families, OF COURSE the bride and groom and their love for each other!

We headed up to Peterborough County to Christina’s family’s dairy farm for the celebrations and what a fantastic location for a wedding! The farm is immaculate and ohmygoodness the views!!! I could throw a ball and hit the Trent River from the front porch of the farm house…ok maybe my arm isn’t THAT good, but it is literally at the end of the driveway! There is water, a cardboard cut-out of a missing groomsman, hay fields, straw bale couches, barns, tractors, sunsets and of course…cows!!! Christina is definitely a girl after my own heart…she looked like she stepped out of the pages of a bridal magazine, but that didn’t stop her from taking the halter of Crovalley Gold Ambassador for a few photos! I also have to give Andrew some props…he is not a cow guy…but he stood in on the photos like a champ and even with his new bride wrangling the 1000lb black and white beast herself, he still smiled and made it look like he was as much a farmer as the rest! Good job buddy! Also a shout out to the wedding party who ROCKED it!! You guys and gals looked fabulous and made climbing rock walls, dodging cow and goose crap and fending off mosquitoes in a hay field while in formal wear look like a piece of cake!! Well done!

Now, I am usually not one to be all sappy and such, but even the speeches were beautiful! I obviously listen to the speeches at every wedding…I tend to be front and centre taking photos, so it would be hard to NOT listen. At Christina and Andrew’s reception, however, I’m not sure why, but I found myself riveted by all of the speakers. Every speech seemed to catch my attention somehow…sometimes it was a funny joke or story, or a hilarious reenactment of how the lovebirds met, but other times it was something that was said that just struck me. I LOVED Christina’s mom’s speech. It was awesome! And, I’ll admit it…I definitely teared up a bit as she spoke! It was definitely one of my favourite moments of the day….but one that is obviously hard to capture in a still photograph without sound! I was VERY excited that Greg of AV Artisan Productions captured it in their BEAUTIFUL wedding video (I told you EVERYTHING was beautiful!) so I could share with you all a wonderful quote:

“The celebration of a wedding is the start of a brand-new chapter in a person’s life…One that, as a parent, you look forward to in anticipation. You ask yourself: is my child going to meet the right person? Is my child going to be happy and fulfilled? And then, when your child brings home that special person, it is like the absolute sweetness and joy of that relationship is indescribable. It is sheer magic.” – Cynthia Crowley

It was a perfect day all around! As Christina’s dad the dairy farmer said, when it comes to watching the weather on the farm, the weatherman is usually wrong…if they say no rain, it rains…if they say rain, it doesn’t. But, this time the weather man was right and he was never so excited that the weather man was right as he was that week! But above the weather, it was a fantastic day full of beautiful people, lots of laughs, lots of tears, tons of drinks and dancing and a fantastic time had by all!!

Congratulations Andrew and Christina! I was very honoured to have been able to capture your day!!



Videography: AV Artisan Productions <— Make sure you check out Christina & Andrew’s AWESOME video trailer!!!

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It Happened!!…{Tanya & Jamie…Hitched!}

First of all, I want to thank Tanya and Jamie for their patience in waiting for their sneak peek! Life has been hectic with photos and my day job, so it has taken me a little longer to get this up for them to see than I usually like to take! So THANK YOU for your patience, I really appreciate it!!

Anyways, on to the fun! I had the lovely Jeannine working with me today as my usual right-hand woman was just a little pre-occupied…what do you mean you can’t be the Maid of Honour AND the photographer?? Haha So Jeannine helped me out for the day and did a wonderful job while Nicole took a turn on the other end of the camera.

We met up with Tanya and her girls first. When you start the day laughing as much as these girls were laughing, you know you are in for a good day! Between the up-dos, make-up getting done and lacing up dresses, there was still time for lots of laughs, happy tears and some…um…youtube videos! While I finished up with the girls and we loaded onto the SWEET coach bus limo, Jeannine headed over to meet up with the guys. From the photos she got, the boys were looking fine and it looks like the laughs continued as they shot some pool and headed out to the corn field for a photo shoot!

The ceremony was held a beautiful, but TINY little country church nearby…remember the theme of laughing? Well, even the ceremony had its share of laughs…tends to happen when the minister leaves their vows on his desk and has to excuse himself to go and get them! Whoops!! BUT, it gave our nervous bride and groom a second to relax and laugh!

We hit up downtown Ayr for the wedding party ruckus…complete with a reenactment of the girls’ favourite scene from Bridesmaids! Haha We then headed off to the reception which was full of good food, lots of drinks, more laughs (of course) and tons of dancing! I believe we even witnessed a dance-off…for the record, I think the kid won!

Anyways, despite being a little cool and clouds threatening to rain on their parade, Tanya and Jamie’s day was perfect! The rain held off, the day was amazing and…they’re MARRIED!! Congratulations guys!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

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Make Hay while the Sun Shines…{Steve & Amy…Engaged!}

I’ve known Steve for at least five years now…I met him through my husband, so probably more if you count the time that Carman I dated before we got married! Steve is in the dairy business like us, so we cross paths fairly regularly at the various shows and industry events.

*Side Note* He was also part of the Dairy Sen$e Class of 2010… and he will NEVER let me forget this as we used a photo of some of the participants on the cover of our magazine at work…only Steve was not in the photo we selected…Sorry Steve! Haha

Anyways, for all of years I have known Steve…I was still surprised when he called me about setting up some engagement photos! How did I NOT know he had a girlfriend…let a lone a fiancée?! Crazy!

Turns out Steve and Amy have been dating for four years! These two love birds have been toughing it long-distance for the majority of their relationship (hence the reason I have never crossed paths with Amy!), while Amy works as a nurse North of Toronto and Steve farms here in good old Brant County.

I met up with the two of them on their farm for their engagement session. The farm has fields (obviously!), rail fence, cows, horse stables, old trucks, tractors, hay bales, dogs, a pond…all of the elements that this country girl and photographer LOVES for a photo shoot! Despite the ridiculous heat that day, I was loving it…and these two self-proclaimed “non-photogenic” people certainly brought their A game and rocked the shoot!! They were even joined by Steve’s last 4-H calf (now a full grown cow) and their two cute and spunky dogs for some of the photos.

We had lots of fun and lots of laughs and I hope now that Amy will be marrying into the County, we will see her a little more often! No more of this 4 year business!

Check out some of my favourites from their country e-session!

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Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice…{Happy 1st Birthday Miss Q}

I met up with Pam and Phil and their ADORABLE little munchkin, Quinn at their friends’ farm on a gorgeous summer evening. Pam and Phil are both farm kids, so even though life has them living in town these days, a farm backdrop only seemed appropriate to commemorate Miss Quinn turning 1!

I have to say…Miss Quinn has the most heart-stoppingly BEAUTIFUL blue eyes I’ve ever seen! Wow! She was such a good girl and really humoured the three adults jumping around trying to make her laugh or smile! It’s safe to say that this is one gorgeous little girl and I’m pretty sure daddy is going to have his hands full when the boys start coming around…but that won’t be for about 35 years…right Phil?

Anyways, on to the fun! Check out some of my favourites from their family session…and, of course, Happy 1st Birthday Quinn!

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