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Movers and Shakers…{Mini-Session with Jen}

If Jen is not a mover & shaker, then I don’t know who is!! All in the course of a few weeks, she took on a new job, decided to move and started her Masters! Already one of the most accomplished people I know for someone our age, I can only imagine how far this determined girl will go!!

Congratulations on the new job Jen! And good luck at school!

Check out the sneak peek from our mini-session a couple of weeks ago!


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Where the Wild Things Are…{Josh & Laura…Married!}

We get excited about every wedding we do. There is always something unique or different that happens at each wedding, so we look forward to seeing how each one differs from the next.

Josh and Laura’s big day is one that we were really looking forward to from the time we knew about it…even though it was still being held here in Ontario, it was our first crack at a destination-type wedding as we were headed up to the JW Marriott on Lake Rosseau in the Muskokas.

Let me tell you…this place did NOT disappoint!! I grew up in a family of jet-setters rather than campers and cottagers when it came to holidays, so this was my first trip up to the Muskokas. By the time we arrived, I think Nicole was already sick of me asking if we were far enough north to see Moose and Bears and other northern Canadian wildlife…but hey! I told you…we didn’t camp in my family! And, I must point out that the morning of the wedding, we headed over to the golf course to catch up with Josh and the guys while they golfed…I wondered out loud if there would be bears lurking nearby as we wondered down the trail to the 9th hole. Nicole ASSURED me that there was far too much human activity happening, so there were no bears at the resort. Joke was on us later that evening when we saw photographic evidence that there was in fact a bear on the golf course that morning…less than a hole away from where we were photographing! Eek! I TOLD you Nicole! Hahaha

Now at the JW Marriott, we were a far, far, FAR cry from camping…perhaps this is why I loved it so much! What a beautiful resort! There were pools, a spa, golf course, a beach, water sports, restaurants, walking trails, you name it! And I have never met such pleasant and cheerful resort staff! When we checked in, the concierge handed us our list of activities for the day…I thought we had stepped into a scene of Dirty Dancing and that we had checked in at Kellerman’s…when were the Mambo lessons with Johnny?

The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful! Laura is an artist, so the attention to detail that she put into everything was incredible. Her incredibly talented sister, Nancy, also did a beautiful job on a number of the details. Laura designed the cake and the centre pieces herself and it was awesome! Nancy made the bouquet and the super cool boutonnieres, as well as one VERY cool canoe and paddles for the top of the cake!

Laura looked stunning in her dress! It was so different and uniquely her! We LOVED it! Josh was looking quite dapper himself and EVERYWHERE we stopped for photos was gorgeous! This place is literally a photographer’s dream!

Their wedding suited them perfectly, and with a number of details exclusive to their wedding and their wedding alone, Josh and Laura’s day was a fantastic wedding to shoot and be a part of!

We would like to thank Josh and Laura for having us capture their special day! We had a wonderful time and I can honestly say that even with the threat of bears, Muskoka is beautiful and I would definitely go again!

Congratulations guys! Enjoy your sneak peek!


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Country Loving…{Lindsey & Rob…Married!}

It is no secret that this summer has been hot and DRY! With the extra heat and lack of moisture, farmers’ crops have been maturing more quickly than usual! On July 21 last year, the wheat fields were getting close to being ready, but not quite. This year on July 21, you were hard pressed to find a field that wasn’t ready and taken off!!

So was the case for Lindsey and Rob’s big day! Early on, Lindsey had expressed interest in having some of their wedding photos taken in a wheat field…the quintessential mid-summer farm wedding photo! However, the week of the wedding, the combines were roaring and the chaff was flying all across southwestern Ontario! Not good for the bride-to-be’s wedding photo plans!

But, as luck would have it, not ALL of the wheat was harvested on July 21 and she was able to have her standing wheat field…as well as a harvested field filled with big round bales!

Rob and Lindsey’s wedding was held on Rob’s family’s farm just north of Stratford. I grew up just down the road from Rob, so it was fun to be back in the neighbourhood and see so many familiar faces…even my sister and brother-in-law were in the wedding party! The love birds put a lot of thought into their day and it was definitely reflected in all of the awesome details…there were wheat sheaves, streamer canons, bubbles, Plinko, maple syrup, straw bales, hand-painted wooden signs, live cows, tractors, wagons, a cow cake, a pond, a windmill, cowboy boots and even a cow statue painted to look like “Rosie” their favourite red & white Holstein!

I had a ton of fun with Rob and Lindsey and all of their friends and family! Despite the scorching heat, it was a fantastic day and I was honoured to be a part of it!

Congratulations guys! Enjoy your sneak peek!


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Rain is a Good Thing…{Lacey & Jeff…Married!}

It has been one very hot and DRY summer! Normally, I spend the week leading up to a wedding checking my weather network forecast checking to see whether we need a rain plan or not. 12 hours before, I start tracking the hourly forecast…especially if it’s rainy…you know, to see if we will get a window where it’s not raining to sneak outside for some photos.

This year however, there has been no need for a sunshine dance…not once. Jeff and Lacey’s big day was no exception to the rule! There was one lonely rain cloud that paused overhead and dropped about 10 drops of rain just as I arrived at Lacey’s parents, but then the sky cleared up, the sun came out and the temperature jumped up about 10 degrees…pretty standard for this summer.

Funny enough, as the clouds cleared up…instead of cheering…I swear there were collective groans from every farmer in South Western Ontario including our bride and groom and their families! (Another farm wedding…I KNOW!!:)) You see, Jeff and his dad are in the cash crop business…crops need rain to grow, regardless of whether there is a wedding or not and we NEED the rain! I have a feeling that if it had rained that day, Lacey and Jeff would have been doing a happy dance rather than crying over a ruined outdoor ceremony! BUT, the rain stayed away and we enjoyed yet another GORGEOUS sunny wedding day!

Lacey’s parents’ backyard overlooking the water made a perfect backdrop for the ceremony. It was beautiful, but not nearly as stunning as our beautiful bride and all of her lovely ladies!! We had a little fun with a fleet of Camaros that arrived and of course, we headed out to Jeff and Lacey’s farm for photos with the wedding party following the ceremony! One nice thing about a hot dry summer? Early wheat fields! We spent some time in one of the gorgeous golden wheat fields that was ready to be harvested pretty much the next day! Jeff has his own custom farming equipment and each family also has their own transport trucks, so we had some fun taking some pictures with the rigs…before the guys decided to test-drive one of them! Eeeek! We headed back to the booming metropolis of Atwood for the reception where we were treated to a delicious steak dinner…only appropriate when Jeff’s other enterprise is beef cattle and Lacey’s family is involved with beef as well!

I had a lot of fun with Lacey and Jeff and all of their friends and family! I was very honoured to have been asked to capture their day for them! Congratulations guys and enjoy your sneak peek!

Now, time for another rain dance!


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Happy Birthday Grandma H!…{Anderson Extended Family}

My sisters and I started life out as rivals with the Anderson kids…friendly rivals of course, but there was always the unspoken air of competition seeing as we attended rival country school, were members of rival 4-H clubs and competed against each other at the Kiwanis Music Festival every year. However, over the years we all graduated on to the same highschool, we all decided that perhaps careers of a musical nature weren’t for us and our 4-H clubs amalgamated to create the Perth South East Dairy Club…a dominating force on the Perth Dairy 4-H scene! As each of the barriers came down, we all got to know each other, and instead of competing against each other for everything, we joined forces and competed WITH each other.

Amber and I are the same age and started 4-H together, and while Amber has a passion for the agricultural industry as only a farm kid can, the cows were not particularly Amber’s thing and I actually got to know Amber through our time with Rotary Youth Exchange. I headed to Germany, while she headed to Denmark the year after, but following our respective years abroad, we bonded over our love the RYE program, our love of all things European and of course a shared habit of spouting things off randomly in our new languages. There are some things that only another exchange student can understand!

Heather and I, on the other hand, had cows in common. We both lived and breathed for the 4-H show season, what was happening in the barn, the latest industry gossip and the best time of the year…the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! As two of the eldest in the 4-H club, we bonded over the freezing cold Stratford Fair wash rack at 4am, 6am McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, nights out at the Ranch and our eventual similar jobs with rival…umm..cattle genetics companies.

And Alex? Well, Alex was always like the annoying little brother I never had! He always kept things entertaining and like my sister Mandy, when everyone else was getting all stressed and nervous about showing, the two of them remained cool as cucumbers, laughing and joking until they got into the ring and then a lot of the time, ended up on the winning end of the class while the rest of us stress cases wondered how in the world they made it look so easy!

However, I truly got to know the WHOLE Anderson clan the year I worked for them following their horrible barn fire in 2004. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the year and I am amazed at how positive the whole family stayed through everything! By the end of the year, the new barn was built, everything was back on track, and we all joked that they were my adopted family. The Athlone ranch had become a second home and its whole cast of characters were like extended family.

We have stayed close ever since. Heather stood up as my maid of honour at our wedding, while Amber took on the role of MC and I stood up for Heather at her and Dennis’ wedding as her maid of honour (that’s right Heather…MAID! Hahaha). Our first-borns are the same age and we already talk about when they are in 4-H together, and when they go of to be Aggies at Guelph together…maybe we’re a little ahead of ourselves, but I can only hope that Maddie can have as good of a friend in Hailey as I do in Heather and Amber and their whole fam!

Now on to the photos! Grandma Helen was having a BIRTHDAY!!! So they thought it would be nice to get the whole family together for some extended family photos! I was very excited to be asked to help out with this!! I met up with them at Heather and Dennis’ on Canada Day and we had a blast with party hats, noisemakers, birthday banners, sunglasses, wheat fields, corn fields, Hailey’s toys and jungle gym, and of course, it couldn’t be a true Dairy birthday without a Milk Toast!! Hailey is going to be a big sister soon, so we even took a few minutes to take a couple baby bump photos! I had a lot of fun and it was good to see the whole crew again…even if my mommy-brain failed me and I forgot a name…Sorry Aunt Vicky!!

Anyways, enjoy the sneak peek of our extended family fun and, of course, Happy Birthday Grandma Helen!


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