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First 2013 Wedding…Country Style!!…{Ashley & Trent…Married!}

Because we all know that I am a sucker for farm weddings, it would only seem fitting that my first wedding post of the year is none other than guess what! A farm wedding!!!

We couldn’t have had a more perfect day weather wise for Ashley and Trent’s big day!! I was fortunate to have the lovely Jeannine Hamilton shooting with me, so we hit the road bright and early to make our way to Ashley’s family farm in Durham County.

Ashley’s mom and dad and whole family put a ton of work into getting the farm ready for the wedding and it looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The Fish family no longer milks cows, but even had a few token heifers in the field to add a splash of black and white to Ashley’s dream wedding on the farm!

Ashley and Trent are also big on trucks, tractors and 4-wheelers so there were lots of wheels that made cameos throughout the day…including Trent’s pride and joy…his pick-up truck!! (Side note: While writing about the truck, I realized that their beautiful engagement photos were never blogged (apparently I am a slacker!!), so you are all in for a treat, because I will also include a handful of my favourites from their e-session at the end of the post!)

Jeannine and I had a lot of fun with Ashley and Trent and their families and friends…heck we were even included in the bride and groom kissing game…a trivia game where wrong answers were rewarded with having to select a wedding guest name out of a bucket and kiss them. As Jeannine and I discussed that we could not possibly be included since we would need to photograph the fun, guess whose name was pulled! Hint: It was not Jeannine. That quickly answered the debate of whether we were included or not!! Haha

Ashley and Trent are laid back, fun-loving, country people and their party reflected just that!! There was an awesome dinner catered by a BBQ company that rolled in in their food truck, a band that got the party started, speeches that were some of the most entertaining I’ve heard in a long time and of course, the fireworks to cap off the night!!!
We had an absolute blast and were so honoured to have been a part of their big day!! Congratulations Ashley & Trent!!!



And, for those that haven’t seen their e-session photos:


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Town & Country…{Rob & Olivia…Married!}

Mother nature threatened to be not so nice on Rob & Olivia’s big day…fortunately she got over her tantrum before the day’s events started!! It was a touch on the chilly side, but the sun was shining and it was a spectacular September day!

As I mentioned in the blog about their engagement photos, I have known Rob for a very long time. But, let me just say…it’s one thing to know the bride or groom, but I knew three of the groomsmen and one of the bridesmaids just as long, or in the case of the three groomsmen…even LONGER! We’re talking WAY back to BEFORE these boys started kindergarten!! Good times…

There were lots of old acquaintances there to celebrate with Rob & Olivia and their families, so needless to say, it was a fun wedding to shoot and just to be at!!

Rob is a farm boy (What? A farmer booked me?), so we started the day at Rob’s parents’ pig farm and had some fun taking photos with tractors and fields and dumpsters and beers! All good farm items I promise!

After finishing up with the guys, I headed into Stratford to meet up with Olivia and her girls at the lovely Arden Park Hotel. Olivia’s mom did an awful lot of hard work for the wedding….like A LOT! She made all of the girls’ bridesmaid dresses, her own dress, the flower girl dress and did a number of other little sewing details like stitching their wedding date into Olivia’s dress as her something blue and a special message on the back of Rob’s tie! Wow!! The mother of the bride normally has lots to do…but that generally doesn’t include outfitting the majority of the wedding party!! Well done!!!

It was a nice day, but a little on the windy side, so we tried to find some shelter from the wind for the girls’ photos…we started at the hotel and eventually crossed the street for some photos at the deli and to help the DQ workers take orders in the drive-thru!!

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Presbytarian church downtown. I had forgotten just how HUGE and gorgeous that church is!! Wow!! Afterwards, we headed to the park and to York Street for some wedding party photo fun!

The ceremony was held at one of the local banquet halls…it looked spectacular!! Hard to believe that there was a dart tournament held there that same morning! And the food…ohmygoodness!!! I haven’t seen a spread like that since I was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean!! WOW!!

The food was awesome, the party was rocking and I had an absolute blast with Rob & Olivia and all of their family and friends. I was super honoured to have been asked to be a part of the day!!

Now on to the show!

Congratulations guys! Enjoy the sneak peek!

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A Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood…{The S Family}

If I’m not photographing farm weddings…what else would I be doing besides photographing farm families!

I headed just down the road to meet up with Bruce and Carolyn and their fam for some photo fun on a beautiful late summer afternoon. We had some fun recreating old family photos, playing in the trees and chillin with the Jersey cows in the pasture!

The S family is always a lot of fun and while this was my first time photographing them, it was no exception to the rule! It makes my job easy when everyone is having a good time and these guys and gals most certainly were!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

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Old School Inspiration = Awesomeness…{Jacquie & Cooper…Married!}

Well now that life as settled back down, it is time to play catch-up on all the wonderful weddings and sessions I have done and not had time to post!!

Jacquie and Cooper’s big day followed the same weather pattern as the majority of the weddings I have had the privilege to shoot this year…freaking gorgeous!! The sun was shining. It was hot, but not offensively so. When I arrived at Jacquie’s parents’ house, I was met by the most relaxed bride I have ever met. Hair was done, make up was done and they were laughing and eating and if it weren’t for the bouquets in the living room and the bridesmaid dresses hung everywhere, you wouldn’t even have known it was a wedding day. To someone now accustomed to walking in to wedding mayhem, it was a breath of fresh air!

When the girls were dressed, we had some photo fun…including Jacquie’s dad’s vintage red convertible (hello awesomeness!!) before I headed off to meet the guys at the Brantford Golf & Country Club.

If you have never been to the BGCC, it has quite possibly the nicest view in all of Brant County (with the exception of the hillbilly trailer park at the bottom of the hill). It sits up on the ridge overlooking the Grand River and you can see for miles. Even better? It faces west, so the sunset is spectacular!

The ceremony was held in the beautiful foyer of the club and we toured around the grounds for some wedding photo fun afterwards and even met up with the bride and groom’s fur babies for some official family photos! Props to the groomsman who broke his ankle the night before and still toughed it out for the day without complaining…he did a great job of hiding how sore he was in the photos! That’s dedication!

I also need to give a quick shout out to Jacquie’s family that traveled all the way from Scotland to celebrate with Jacquie and Cooper! Aunt Jean killed it on the dance floor and it’s not everyday you see dudes rocking the kilts.This Scottish-Canadian was loving it!

Did I mention that the lovebirds had the BEST head table backdrop EVER? They must have been channeling their inner Will Ferrell when they came up with the Old School inspired masterpiece! Loved it!

I had a lot of fun with Jacquie and Cooper and all of their family and friends. If I gave out awards for things, they would definitely be in the running for best MC, best head table backdrop, best wedding signage, best wedding feast and best dance party! It was a fantastic day and I was very happy to have had the opportunity to capture it for them!

Congratulations Jacquie and Cooper! Enjoy your sneak peek….FINALLY!!


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Singing in the Rain…{Jessica & Jordan…Married!}

It has been a summer of little rain…really little…drought little. The farm girl in me prays for rain on any day, while the wedding photographer in me prays for rain on any day I don’t have a wedding to shoot!

Jessica and Jordan’s day was the first rainy wedding day I had all year! Fortunately, the bride and groom weren’t too concerned (Jess has farming roots herself) and I was relieved to be met by a calm wedding couple and not a couple distraught at the idea of raindrops on their wedding day!

It was rainy…in fact there were times that it was POURING! BUT, as I tell every bride and groom, even if it’s raining, it never rains ALL day. And it didn’t! Mother nature was watching out for them and brought out a bit of sunshine for the photos outside before resuming her late summer shower as soon as we were done!

I mentioned Jess and Jordan taking the day’s weather in stride, but hats off to the whole wedding party! I didn’t hear any grumbling or complaining AT ALL! The girls had raindrops on their dresses and were sinking in the grass with every step, while the guys were busy making sure there were umbrellas and towels to dry off sitting surfaces…but not ONE word of complaint! They were laughing and joking like it was a warm sunny day in May! The whole crew were a bunch of jokers and we had a lot of fun. I can’t imagine capturing a rainy wedding with any other wedding party!

I have known Jess for a number of years…we go WAY back to our days in 4-H and working at Semex. So, needless to say, over the years I have gotten to know Jess fairly well. The wedding was VERY Jess! I loved all of the details she had…but it was also laid-back and simple. It was very well done!

I had a ton of fun with Jess and Jordan and their family and friends (shout out to the table 8 crew and our ringleader Bertram!) and I was very happy to have been asked to capture the day for them!

Congratulations guys! And, of course, enjoy your sneak peek that you have been so patiently waiting for (thank you!)!!


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