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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…Trish & Dale {E-Session}

I think I speak for the entirety of the Canadian population when I say that we have had enough enough of winter this year!! Just when you thought we had had enough snow…guess what!! It would snow…AGAIN! Sheesh!!

The snow this winter is wild. End of story.

Like everyone else, I have been starting to go a little stir crazy, so when Trish called about doing some engagement photos for her and her fiancé, Dale, I was more than happy to bundle up and head out into this good old fashioned Canadian winter!

I met up with Trish and Dale on a very chilly February Sunday afternoon, and guess what!! It snowed!! Imagine that!!

It snowed the entire time we were out for our shoot, but fortunately, the windchill stayed at bay and it didn’t really feel as cold as it was…a balmy -11C! We had lots of fun trekking through the snow near Trish’s hometown – Old barns, grain elevators, frozen ponds and snow covered grape vines made a pretty neat backdrop for their photos!

Check our some of my favourites from their wintery session!

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She thinks my tractor’s sexy…{Elyse & Andrew…Engaged}

I headed up to York County under the threat of rainy weather…seems rain has been the theme of several sessions and weddings this year! BUT, someone was watching over us and decided to hold the rain while I met up with Elyse and Andrew for their engagement session! In fact, we didn’t have one drop of rain until we pulled out of the driveway after we were done! Yes!!

We toured all over Andrew’s family’s dairy farm which is absolutely beautiful! There was pretty much everything this farm girl could possibly imagine to make a great farm session…including a fully restored and functioning John Deere tractor!! I had a lot of fun with Elyse and Andrew, and I am definitely looking forward to capturing the day when Elyse the Jersey girl marries Andrew the Holstein boy on Elyse’s family farm next summer!!

Enjoy the sneak peek of some of my favs!!



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Rain is a good thing!…{Dennis & Ashley…Hitched!}

Rainy does not even begin to describe the wet day we all woke up to on Ashley and Dennis’ big day! Oy…we’re talking 5.5 inches…INCHES!!!

BUT, a little rain, or even a lot of rain could not dampen the excitement and happiness of the day!! Everyone pulled together and with some rubber boots, shovels, big fans and bags of wood shavings, the farm where the wedding was held looked absolutely beautiful!!

I had the pleasure of having Miss Krista Hill with me again for the day…she thought I was joking or overreacting when I told her to bring her rain boots…good thing she humoured me and brought them along!! We rocked our dress pants and rubber boots all day long!

Even though they played a mean trick, the weather gods were certainly smiling on Ashley and Dennis because the rain stopped in time for photos outside and it was a beautiful sight when the late afternoon fall sunshine came blazing through the clouds in time for the ceremony to start! It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Dennis and Ashley and their families and friends put so much hard work and planning into all of the details and it definitely came shining through! And I must say, Ashley handled the rain with a smile and a “whatever” attitude…I have seen brides melt down over a lot less!!! This bride handled the weather crisis like a boss!!! You can’t change the weather, so no point in letting it ruin the day…so it didn’t!

I have known Dennis since kindergarten, so I was honoured to be there to capture the day as he married the love of his life! He and Ashley and their whole posse of family and friends are so laid back and so much fun that I couldn’t imagine spending that wild weather wedding day with anyone else and still having such a great time!

It was my favourite type of wedding…a farm wedding! Complete with tractors, cows, straw bales, barns…and this one even had a cow ice sculpture and a late-night visit from a famous local french fry truck (shout out to Ken’s French Fries…the BEST fries EVER…my car still smells faintly of vinegar from my snack for the ride home!)

I’m sure I could write more about how awesome the day was, but Ashley has probably already lost interest and scrolled to the photos! Haha So instead, I will just say: Dennis and Ashley – Krista and I had a fantastic day and we were both super honoured to be a part of your big day!!! Congratulations guys and enjoy the sneak peek!!!

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High School Sweethearts…{Amanda & Scott…Married!}

Amanda and I go way back…like kindergarten back! We both attended the same little country school and played on a lot of the same sports teams. I have a lot of fun and hilarious memories from my days at North Easthope and Amanda tends to be at the center of a lot of them…as her mom so perfectly put at the reception…Oh Amanda!:)

Anyways, as high school came and went, we all went our separate ways, but thanks to the magic of Facebook, we all still sort of keep in touch.

One by one, you would see our old classmates tie the knot, and I always thought to myself, Amanda must be next! She and her boyfriend Scott had been together since high school (minus a brief time apart).

Sure enough, Scott popped the question! I was so happy for Amanda and I was super excited to be asked to capture their big day. I knew anything with Amanda involved would be a good time and the day certainly didn’t disappoint!

Jeannine and I headed up to my old neighbourhood (literally across the road from Grandma’s and down the hill from my parents’) on a BEAUTIFUL August Saturday for their big day! This was another country-ish wedding complete with wheat fields and classic vehicles, but also had some flare with a funky street, a visit to where Scott proposed and a hangout on the old Shakespeare ball diamond (which, I must add, is WAAAAAY nicer then when we used to play there!).

It was an AWESOME party full of lots of laughs and, of course, lots of love. Amanda and Scott – Jeannine and I were super honoured to be a part of your day and we wish the two of you nothing but the best as you start the next chapter!!!

Congratulations to #TheCrawfords!! Enjoy the sneak peek!


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Rain or Shine…{Bre & Shane…Hitched!}

So this was not a farm wedding, BUT given that it took place in a tiny country town in mid-western Ontario, and that at least a dozen wedding party and family members were tracking the rainy weather via radar maps on their smartphones…it was still a COUNTRY wedding! Haha

I was fortunate to have the lovely Krista Hill of Hillview Studio helping me for the day and we headed up to Palmerston for Breanne & Shane’s big day!

As I mentioned, it was a rainy day. But, as with most rainy days, it never rains ALL day long. So, while we had to be a little creative and not venture to far from shelter, we were able to do the photos in all of the fantastic spots that Bre and Shane had picked out!

The train museum in Palmerston is a great spot and Shane’s parents have a stunning area of ponds in one of their old gravel pits that was incredible! Throw in a few antique vehicles, some bevvies, great food and a hilarious cast of good ol’ boys and I’d say it was a pretty awesome day!

Krista and I had lots of fun and lots of laughs with everyone throughout the day…you really start to feel like one of the crew when everyone is crammed together under one little tent to keep dry! We were super honoured to have been able to capture the day for Bre and Shane!

Here is your sneak peek guys! Enjoy and congratulations!!!

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