She can wear high-heels or flannel…{Whitney & Butch…Hitched!!}

We haven’t really had winter all winter…if that makes sense. In all honesty, pretty much the only days with cold temperatures and snowflakes, are the days I have scheduled to take photos!! Whitney and Butch’s big day last weekend was no exception to the rule! There wasn’t a lot of snow, but boy was it cold and WINDY!! When Nicole and I pulled into the lot at the hotel, I moved from my initial parking spot…I was SURE the wind was going to blow my Journey into the van parked in front of me! Yikes! So it was definitely a coat and hairspray kind of day!

BUT, the weather did NOT put a damper on the festivities that were Whitney and Butch’s wedding! Everyone got ready at C Hotel by Carmen’s which I must say is a GORGEOUS new hotel in Hamilton. Given the crappy weather outside, thankfully there was no shortage of great spots around the hotel to take photos!

Bridesmaid/Sister-in-Law/Florist-extraordinaire, Sarah and the crew at McCormick Florist & Gift Shoppe did the flowers and did a wonderful job! And the “Phil Proofing” that was done to the guys’ boutonnieres also held up very well…I believe there is photo evidence that Phil was in fact still wearing his for the grand entrance at the reception! Success!

The ceremony and reception were held next door at Carmen’s Banquet Hall with a chilly trip to Dundurn Castle for some photos between the two. There were some great spots at Dundurn, even with the wind! I definitely give two thumbs up to Butch, Whitney, their wedding party and families for braving the cold!! They kept us in stitches all day and it was one heck of a party!!

Shout out to Nicole, my right-hand woman for the day, who got some fantastic shots as well!! Thanks darling!

Check out some of our favs from the day!

We loved the decor of the hotel! It definitely made a great backdrop for a number shots!

What can I say…these girls had us laughing from the word go! And Whitney’s megawatt smile and laugh are definitely contagious!

Whitney was one lucky bride…not only a florist in the wedding party, but a hair stylist as well!! Martha did a fantastic job making the already beautiful bride look GORGEOUS!!

Nicole took the fantastic ring shot while I was busy with something else! Check out that bling!

Despite some worries about the lingering after effects of the night before’s festivities, the guys were dressed and ready to rock ‘n roll right on time!

The groom was looking quite dapper in his grey suit with his entourage of groomsmen!

There was some great furniture and some incredible up-lighting that the guys had to take advantage of!

The bar upstairs in the hotel became our hangout for the pre-wedding photos!

Not only is she hilarious, but she is STUNNING!!!

Butch’s niece made one SUPER cute little flower girl!! All the girls looked awesome in their purple dresses!

Whitney may be a beautiful bride, but she is also a farm girl with some serious guns!! She’s pretty proud of those pipes! Haha

The bar may or may not have sounded like it was going to break…

Whitney’s dad is a riot. She is the only daughter, so he didn’t pass up one last opportunity to give her some fatherly advice before following it up with an exploding fist bump! Loved it!

It’s official!

What better way to keep warm than to do a bit of jumping! Look at the air some of them got!

Quite the ladies’ man

We loved this porch for two reasons: 1. It is beautiful and 2. it was COMPLETELY out of the wind! Yay!

Last group photo…

I’ve never seen girls in heels move so fast…we said done and they were off like shots to the limo! I guess freezing in a cocktail dress and bare legs in the cold is a serious motivator!

I LOVED the sign that Sarah had made for the newly-weds!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo!!

GREAT shot Nicole!!!

Just like the hotel, Carmen’s banquet hall had some seriously awesome lighting!

One last shot that I couldn’t resist sharing…it pretty much sums up the par-tay!!!

Great shot Nicole! I LOVE it! I laugh every time I see it…yes, Reid, I am laughing at your expense! But great photo buddy! Bahaha

Congratulations Butch and Whitney!!! All the best and thanks for including us in your big day!

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