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A Looooong Time Coming…{Elyse & Andrew…Married!}

After having such a fun engagement session with Elyse and Andrew, I was SUPER pumped for their summer wedding on the farm (yes, the farm theme continues!!). While the engagement photo session happened at Andrew’s family’s farm (where the love birds reside), the wedding was on the farm where the lovely bride grew up. It was my favourite kind of farm wedding…beautiful scenery, fresh country air, the friendliest people you will meet, and it wouldn’t be complete without a herd of Jersey cows as witnesses to the nuptials!

Nicole and I had a lot of fun with Andrew and Elyse and all of their friends and family. It was certainly a day of relationships that go back a LOOOOOOOONG time. And no, I’m not talking about the fact that there were many people at the wedding who have known Nicole’s and my in-laws way longer than the two of us have…which is true. You see, Andrew’s mom and Elyse’s mom went to school together…in fact, they were in each other’s weddings!! There was a VERY cute picture of one-year-old Elyse playing with one-year-old Andrew! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our bride and groom have been friends since they were in diapers! While they didn’t begin dating until much past the toddler stage, they certainly have a lifetime of memories already that they will be adding to.

Elyse and Andrew – thank you so much for allowing us to capture your big day! It was an honour and we couldn’t be happier for the two of you! Congratulations guys and enjoy the sneak peek!

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Berry Pickin’…{Jenn & Kyle…Engaged!}

I headed up to beautiful Durham County a couple of weeks ago to meet up with Jenn & Kyle on Kyle’s family’s pick-your-own berry farm. Can I just tell you how excited I was for this!! The area is absolutely beautiful and I am already SUPER pumped for their September wedding on the farm!

We had a blast touring around the farm during our shoot….how could we NOT have fun when there are fresh strawberries, cute dogs, fantastic scenery, fishing poles, ponds and, of course, ice cream!!

Special thanks goes out to our assistant, Pat, who did a bang-up job handling the canine, operating the tractor, fetching things here there and everywhere, and of course, being a lot of fun as per usual!

Enjoy the sneak peek guys! Is it September yet?

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Baby it’s COLD outside…{Mallory & Kyle…Engaged!}

As much as I dislike being cold, and really wish that the snow would hurry up and melt, even I have to admit, a cold, snowy and sunny day looks nothing less than magical!

The morning I met up with Mallory and Kyle, was one of these perfect picturesque winter mornings! Everything was sparkly and the sun was all lovely and glowy (those are some great descriptive words, eh? Haha). Anywho, it was a very pretty morning!

Mallory and I go back a lot of years! We met through our Rotary exchanges back in high school when I was just back from my year in Germany and she was just headed off to Finland! We were fast friends and continued to cross paths over the years even though life typically kept physical distance between us. As fate would have it, Mallory and her fiancé, Kyle bought their dream house in AYR!! Literally in my back yard, so now we see each other a lot more frequently!

I was very excited when Mal and Kyle asked me to do their wedding photos this coming August! Since the snow will have melted by August (we hope), we thought some fun winter photos were in order to commemorate not only their upcoming nuptials, but also the crazy Canadian winter we have been having!! We started at their beautiful house where we had a mini-shoot with their fur-baby, Kiivas, before heading out into the cold and sunny morning in and around Ayr.

Check out some of my favourites from their wintery session!

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…Trish & Dale {E-Session}

I think I speak for the entirety of the Canadian population when I say that we have had enough enough of winter this year!! Just when you thought we had had enough snow…guess what!! It would snow…AGAIN! Sheesh!!

The snow this winter is wild. End of story.

Like everyone else, I have been starting to go a little stir crazy, so when Trish called about doing some engagement photos for her and her fiancé, Dale, I was more than happy to bundle up and head out into this good old fashioned Canadian winter!

I met up with Trish and Dale on a very chilly February Sunday afternoon, and guess what!! It snowed!! Imagine that!!

It snowed the entire time we were out for our shoot, but fortunately, the windchill stayed at bay and it didn’t really feel as cold as it was…a balmy -11C! We had lots of fun trekking through the snow near Trish’s hometown – Old barns, grain elevators, frozen ponds and snow covered grape vines made a pretty neat backdrop for their photos!

Check our some of my favourites from their wintery session!

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She thinks my tractor’s sexy…{Elyse & Andrew…Engaged}

I headed up to York County under the threat of rainy weather…seems rain has been the theme of several sessions and weddings this year! BUT, someone was watching over us and decided to hold the rain while I met up with Elyse and Andrew for their engagement session! In fact, we didn’t have one drop of rain until we pulled out of the driveway after we were done! Yes!!

We toured all over Andrew’s family’s dairy farm which is absolutely beautiful! There was pretty much everything this farm girl could possibly imagine to make a great farm session…including a fully restored and functioning John Deere tractor!! I had a lot of fun with Elyse and Andrew, and I am definitely looking forward to capturing the day when Elyse the Jersey girl marries Andrew the Holstein boy on Elyse’s family farm next summer!!

Enjoy the sneak peek of some of my favs!!



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